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Difficult times in the commercial trucking insurance markets

It is so difficult at times for truck insurance agents to find solutions for their clients. As a result, agents scramble to find commercial trucking insurance companies willing to offer them reasonable solutions. The inability to obtain coverage – both comprehensive and affordable, is a real dilemma facing not only the insurance industry but also the trucking Industry.

An experienced partner makes all the difference

Sunforest, an AssuredPartners agency, is a niche truck wholesale insurance agency, who has markets available that address the above mentioned needs. Our agency is large enough to where they represent industry leading trucking insurance companies, yet small enough to respond to the unique needs of a transportation insurance agent.


Commercial Trucking Insurance Requirements

The economy depends on trucking to deliver goods to consumers. Motor carriers (those that haul freight for a fee), either employ drivers to drive their trucks or contract with owner operators/independent contractors (those that own their own truck ) to move the freight. As a result, in order to protect their investment as well as the general public various types of insurance are required.

The motor carrier requires insurance covering;

The owner operator/independent contractor has unique needs. They require:

Sunforest is your source for commercial trucking insurance.

We understand the challenges of the semi-truck insurance industry and are capable of placing policies in the most suitable markets.

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