Don’t Fire until You see The Whites of Their Eyes

Here at Roemer Insurance, home of the Trucking Insurance Experts, we spend our days selling and servicing the trucking insurance policies for our awesome trucking customers. And it is here that we also operate an insurance wholesale enterprise known as Sunforest.

Sunforest is an intermediary between the insurance companies and the trucking insurance agents. We facilitate the sale of truckers’ liability insurance, motor truck cargo insurance, automobile physical damage insurance, occupational accident insurance and non-trucking liability, sometimes referred to as “bobtail” insurance along with other insurance coverages that truckers require.

Not long ago, Sunforest was paid a visit by one of our trucking insurance underwriters from Lloyds of London. This is one of our trucking insurance markets that assists in placing some of the more difficult to place insurance policies. We’ll call this underwriter, ‘Timothy.’ After our business meeting where we discussed the trucking insurance policies that we presently have in force and also talked about ways to succeed together in writing additional policies for our trucking clients, we were preparing to transport our underwriter to the airport for his flight back to England. Somehow the subject of shooting handguns for recreation came up. Timothy said “I’ve never fired any kind of gun. I would love to give it a try.”

As it turns out, he had plenty of time to kill before his flight and there was a recreational shooting range nearby. So, we repaired to the range and after giving Timothy some important gun-handling orientation and safety training, we spent an hour or so target shooting. Timothy was actually a pretty fair shot for a neophyte. He said he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was keen to tell the story to his colleagues when he returned to London. We were pleased to expose him to a new activity and he seemed to really enjoy his time with us. Hopefully, he will remember us with appreciation the next time we need him to help us in underwriting a difficult trucking risk.

One thing he knows for sure, at Roemer / SUNFOREST we know the difference between a steering wheel and a fifth wheel … and we are straight shooters!