You have come to the right place for help placing your trucking risks.

Recently, an insurance agent in Indiana (let’s call him James) was in a real pickle. He had a terrific opportunity to write a sizable TRUCKING account, but the account had a few problems. Their loss ratio had deteriorated due to a couple of large claims on their experience and there were one or two drivers for the trucking fleet whose MVRs were less than optimal. These factors combined to create a risk profile that caused underwriters’ concerns.

Due to this, the motor carrier was looking at the probability of a very large increase in their premium – possibly a non-renewal - at their impending renewal and so they reached out to our friendly trucking insurance agent, James, looking for help. Now James has written a couple of TRUCKING accounts over the years, but it isn’t exactly his strongest suit. He really needed some help. Luckily for James - and for us - he came to the right place. At SUNFOREST, we deal with insurance agents who write trucking risks all day – every day. We are a trucking insurance wholesale facility dedicated to placing trucking insurance coverages. We help our brokers write automobile liability, motor truck cargo, automobile physical damage as well as occupational accident, non-trucking liability and other owner operator insurance. This specialized expertise in motor carrier insurance is what sets us apart from other insurance facilities. Whenever an agent is seeking to place a trucking account through a managing general agent or wholesaler, they know a call to SUNFOREST will be a good move. We offer all the specialty insurance lines for the trucking industry. One of our specialties is the motor-carrier sponsored owner operator programs. This is a specialty-within-a-specialty and we are proud of our ability to assist our trucking insurance agents in winning new business and holding their renewals by leveraging the specialized heavy-duty trucking insurance expertise that we bring to the table. No matter what lines of insurance are required, our tenured, knowledgeable staff at Sunforest is a good call for you to make.

So back to our pal James; we were able to advise him on exactly what additional data our underwriters needed. We also advised him on how to deliver the rough news to the client regarding the substandard drivers. Underwriters were favorably impressed that he took prompt aggressive action with his prospect to improve the risk profile as well as secure the necessary information. This enabled us to quickly submit a complete, accurate submission for the risk to our underwriters. Once they initiated serious scrutiny of the submission there were inevitable follow-up questions. We always take this as a positive sign because if the underwriter is not interested in quoting the account, they will usually come up with a couple of quick reasons why they must decline. Follow up questions are a good thing – we never view them as a bother. Thorough and timely responses to the follow-up questions are essential to success.

Having answered the follow-ups, we were in a position to secure a quote form the underwriter in just a couple of days. James had a solid relationship with his trucking fleet, he was confident that we had his back and could assist him on the more technical aspects of winning the deal. And he successfully sold the business! We could not be happier for James or more proud of our staff who worked hard on the deal - that looked a little shaky at the start – to clean up operations and secure necessary information to show the underwriter how they could profitably write this new piece of business. Win-win-win!

Count on SUNFOREST to help YOU win over your next trucking account, we’ll work hard to help you to make the sale!