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Occupational Accident & Contingent Liability Programs

  • Minimum size two drivers, this is for 1099 drivers only, no clerical, dispatchers, etc. We will not quote W-2’s.
  • Logging is ineligible.
  • We will quote Trucking Occupational Accident with or without Contingent Liability, we cannot quote Contingent Liability stand alone.
  • To quote Trucking Occupational Accident we need a completed signed/dated app (attached) along with current loss runs for the previous three years (or a signed/dated no loss letter on company letterhead if they have had no coverage). To quote Contingent Liability along with the Trucking Occupational Accident we will need a specimen copy of their driver agreement.
  • The Pan American Trucking Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability products are Life/Health products, the agent signing the app and the agency must have Life/Health licenses.