Lancer Trucking Insurance


Specializes in non-fleet and owner/operator long haul trucking. AM Best Rating: A-


Risk Qualification for Lancer

  • Available States: OH, MI, MN, IN
  • 1-19 power units
  • Majority of units are tractors & travel over a 300 mile radius
  • Haulers of: General Commodities, Steel, Produce, Autos (new), Lumber, Auto Parts…etc (contact Sunforest for a full list)
  • 1 unit new ventures
    • Must be owner driven
  • Majority of units must be 15 years old or newer


Prohibited Risks

  • Haz Mat
  • Dumps
  • 100% Local Radius
  • Logging
  • Low GVW Units
  • Buses
  • Household Movers

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