General Liability

Purchase Your General Liability Insurance Through A Managing General Agent, Wholesaler or Underwriter

Covers business organizations liability for bodily injury and property damage arising from accidents on the premises, business operations in process, products manufactured or sold and complete operations. This insurance does not provide bodily injury and property damage protection to insured or insurer's employees.

A truckman general liability policy does not usually have much risk that goes along with it. It used to be said that your only exposure was if a non employee visitor to your premises slipped and fell on your property.

A litigious environment and countless court cases has set a precedent which has changed this somewhat. The trucking industry has experienced claims where the shipper has brought them in on a law suit due to verbiage planted in the contract that transfers the burden of liability onto the trucker for concerns beyond their care, custody and control such as loading and unloading. This problem has become so commonplace that some 29 plus states have now adopted anti indemnification legislation safe guarding against these types of actions.

You might want to check the verbiage in your contracts and pay attention to what state jurisdiction the contract pertains to.