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Trucking Insurance Coverages We Provide

STIG is a one-stop shop for your transportation risks. We can provide many of the coverages necessary to keep your customers' business operating.

Available coverages and forms in the following states

Auto Liability Insurance »

  • Covers bodily injury to others and damage to the property of resulting from automobile accidents caused by the insured. Provides bodily injury and property damage protection to other people/not to insured or insured 'employees.
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Auto Physical Damage Insurance »

  • Provides coverage for the loss or damage to autos owned, rented or leased by the insured. Coverage is provided for the insured 's vehicles.
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Cyber Liability »

  • Cyber liability insurance is a new and highly beneficial insurance product available through Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group. It is designed to protect your company’s assets by helping to cover the costs associated with a security breach.
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Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) »

  • Coverage to fill those potential liability gaps that arise due to employment related claims. In this day and age more and more employees are suing their employers when they think they have been wronged. Some time coverage can be found in this GL policy, often times not. This is where EPLI comes into play.
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Excess Liability (Umbrella) Insurance »

  • Excess Liability insurance is designed to provide an extra layer of coverage above the primary layer. The excess insurance does not respond, however, until the limits of liability in the primary layer have been exhausted. Because of the method of response, it is often much less costly than the primary layer, per $1,000,000 of coverage. The excess layer provides not only higher limits, but catastrophic protection for very large losses.
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General Liability Insurance »

  • Covers business organizations for their liability for bodily injury and property damage arising from accident on premises, business operations in process, products manufactured or sold and complete operations. Provides bodily injury and property damage protection to other people/not insured or insured 's employees.
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Hired/Non-Owned Liability Insurance »

  • Hired auto liability coverage will pay for damages to a third party, on behalf of insured's company, if insured causes an accident or an injury to someone while they are driving a leased, hired, rented, or borrowed vehicle for business. Non-Owned Auto coverage protects insured company in the event that insured company is sued as a result of an auto accident that insured, or one of insured employees, has in a personal vehicle while on company business.
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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance »

  • Provides coverage for the loss or damage to autos owned, rented or leased by the insured. Coverage is provided for the insured 's vehicles.
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Non-Trucking Liability Insurance »

  • Covers damages or accidents resulting when the Primary Liability is not in effect. This means that an owner-operator who is leased to a carrier will not be covered by the Primary Liability of the carrier when off-duty, or not in transport. It is necessary at these times for the owner-operator to have secondary truck insurance to protect him when not covered by the carrier’s insurance, which is the purpose of Non-Trucking Liability.
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Occupational Accident »

  • An Occupational accident is an unexpected and unplanned occurrence, including acts of violence, arising out of or in connection with work which results in one or more workers incurring a personal injury, disease or death.
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Trailer Interchange Insurance »

  • Trailer Interchange Insurance provides coverage for loss or damage to trailers insured doesn't own while in their possession under a written "trailer" or "equipment" interchange agreement in which insured assumes liability for loss to the trailer while in their possession. An insured is hauling a container/trailer for CSX intermodal under a written Trailer Interchange Agreement and has an accident, which causes damage to the container/trailer. Coverage is provided for damage to the container/trailer.
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In addition, STIG Offers:

  • A vast knowledge base of trucking industry issues in order to fully understand our insureds' businesses.
  • Pride in having the expertise in one niche market.
  • The service and the dedication you and your customers deserve.
  • Our expertise and long-standing partnerships with our insurance markets make it easy for S.T.I.G. to accommodate the small transportation business owner as well as large fleet.

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Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group (STIG) is your source for trucking insurance. We know trucking and we will help you take great care of your clients.There are many places you can buy insurance but only one with insurance professionals who know the transportation industry the way we do. We provide retail agents access to top admitted and non admitted truck insurance companies. Coverage is offered in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region.We are not in the business of selling you insurance, but rather in the business of helping your trucking clients purchase insurance.

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