Best Option for All Truck Insurance Quotes – Chapter Four: Strong sales and revenue ally

There are many places you can buy insurance but only one with transportation insurance professionals who know the transportation and trucking industry the way Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group can. Our team leverages 30+ years of experience to ensure that account binding and endorsements are done quickly and accurately. We also provide retail agents access to top admitted and non-admitted truck insurance companies.

We are where you need to be

Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group operates statewide in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and provide specialized experience in a niche market. With our experience and expertise, STIG is prepared to meet your customer’s trucking insurance needs.

Commissions and accounting service partners

On any and all accounts written through Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group, brokers receive 10% commission. Brokers can take out their commission before premiums are sent back because writing agents through Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group are required to sign a brokerage agreement prior to binding coverage on their first account. Billing is done on an agency bill basis either on a monthly or annual bill basis for accounts with 1 - 10 units; for fleet accounts, a monthly reporting policy is available.

A more strategic business relationship

To deliver more of what your markets need, Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group actively seeks brokers input and fresh analysis for new products and underwriting issues. Our team works closely with brokers to keep you informed of the product and underwriting changes you need to know.

Dedicated to your accounts and claims

A full-time account executive is always available to help the preparation and binding of a trucking risk. Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group also offers proposal services to help generate proposal requests within 24 hours (1 - 10 units; complete information). We also provide our brokers with an easy one-page quote sheet used for accounts with 1 - 3 units. Our team makes us your best sales and revenue ally. We will accept any application for quoting purposes as long as it has all the information needed.

Our claims team offers the same experienced service. We draw from a network of nationwide adjusters and help put you on the priority list. Lastly Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group believes that knowledge is a brokers ' best sales tool and that comes with every quote.

The best quote at the right price, right now, Sunforest

Having the right policy at the right time makes you more responsive to your customers, and that makes for sales and repeat business. Call or email us today for the quotes you responsive attention you need to secure a better, longer lasting relationship with your transportation insurance customers.

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