Sunforest provides you with the service and experienced underwriters that you should expect from the wholesale industry.

Why should you work with a truck insurance wholesaler (or truck insurance broker)?

The wholesale distribution system is a common method of bringing insurance products to the consumer through an retail-independent agent. The Wholesaler or Managing General Agent (MGA) is the gateway for the independent agent to access niche programs and products such as trucking insurance. Without the Wholesaler or Managing General Agent, these products would not otherwise be available to the independent agent. This partnership between the Wholesaler or Managing General Agent and the independent agent is built on trust and professionalism and has a very long history and a bright future. The Wholesaler or Managing General Agent can fill in the gaps for coverage that the independent agent does not have direct access to and can also aid in obtaining coverage on hard-to-place business.

For inquiries call Chris Pavone, directly, at 419-720-3977

Step 1

Sunforest is interested in working with agents who have experience writing transportation insurance, preferably with a transportation book of business. If you have a transportation focus and would like to see what Sunforest can offer, please complete the following agency evaluation form.

After your application is received, a representative will contact you to complete the process.

Become An Agent

To sign on as an agent with Sunforest you will need to have a copy of our Brokerage Agreement signed and returned to us along with a copy of your agency's Errors & Omissions Dec Page and Property and Casualty License. For a Brokerage Agreement for your state, see below.

Step 2

Once you receive confirmation that your Agency Evaluation Form has been approved, please print the brokerage agreement below and submit to ​ and


*We require a copy of each agency's Errors and Omissions Declarations page. Each agency must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in E & O coverage to be acceptable.