Mission Statement: Providing a quality product with superior service at an equitable price.

Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group

Why you should choose S.T.I.G.?

We believe an MGA should possess 3 qualities: accessibility, punctuality, and accuracy. We also believe that your MGA should work as your partner, thereby ensuring success for all parties involved.


When you have a question, either simple or complex, we encourage you to give us a call. Additionally, you will have one specific account representative who will keep in touch with you regularly, follow up on proposals, announce new developments, and simply ask how things are going. We are also planning regional seminars that will cover a variety of relevant topics.


Nothing is more frustrating than asking for a quote and, then, waiting. . . and waiting. At S.T.I.G., we offer a one-page fax quote sheet that you can fill out for quick quote turn-around on smaller accounts. Full applications, MVRs, etc., are needed to bind coverage, but we know you need indications in short order. We also accept Accord forms for quote generations; we try to be as flexible as possible.


Our associates use their 30+ years of experience to ensure that account binding and endorsements are done quickly and accurately. You will be notified by fax and, then, with a hard copy of what S.T.I.G. has processed and what has been credited/charged. We want to help you build a book of business!

Sunforest Transportation is Your Dedicated Wholesale Trucking Insurance Partner

  • Who do we serve?
  • The independent retail agent.
  • What products and services do we provide?
  • Specialized coverages for trucking fleets compromised by 1 to 200 power units.
  • Where do we write coverage?
  • STIG provides various lines of coverage for your trucking client in the states of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and West Virginia.
  • Why do business with STIG?
  • Our 100+ years of combined expertise within the niche of truck insurance assures you of a competitive quote from a truck specific market.

Commisions & Accounting Services

  • On any and all accounts written through Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group, the broker will receive 10% commission. Brokers take out their commission before premiums are sent to STIG.
  • Writing agents through Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group are required to sign the Brokerage Agreement prior to binding coverage on their first account. Sunforest Transportation requires a copy of your E & O Coverage and P & C License.
  • Billing is done on an Agency Bill basis. For your convenience, STIG offers either a monthly or annual bill for accounts with one to ten units; for fleet accounts, a monthly reporting policy can be used.

Product & Industry Updates

  • We look for brokers ' input and analysis for new products and underwriting issues.
  • STIG works directly with the company to keep you informed of the product and underwriting changes you need to know.

Dedicated Account Executives

  • Sunforest Transportation has a full-time Account Executive to help you with preparation and binding of a trucking risk. Each proposal generated will be followed up with an analysis of opportunity and a strategy of how best to close the sale.
  • Your Account Executive is knowledgeable; trained not only in our markets' products and underwriting, but also in the competitions'.

Proposal Services

  • STIG will generate your proposal request within 24 hours(1-10 units; complete information). We also provide our brokers with an easy one-page quote sheet used for accounts with 1-3 units.
  • We are there to work for you, our agents. We will accept any application for quoting purposes as long as it has all the information needed.

Claims Services

  • You will receive prompt, courteous, knowledgeable service from one of the experienced claims representatives.
  • An adjuster will be assigned immediately from the network of nationwide adjusters.

Educational Services

  • STIG believes that knowledge is our brokers ' best sales tool. We provide you with the information and training you need to serve your trucking clients.
  • STIG Broker Seminars are held on a regular basis.

We are excited to announce that Sunforest Transportation Group has joined AssuredPartners as of September 2018!

With the resources of a large firm combined with the services of the local Toledo office, we are confident this change will bring new products and services for you to evaluate with the same commitment to Best in Class service that you have come to expect.

As a valued client, you will benefit from the expertise of your current team, backed by the support of AssurePartners.


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Sunforest Transportation Insurance Group (STIG) is your source for trucking insurance. We know trucking and we will help you take great care of your clients.There are many places you can buy insurance but only one with insurance professionals who know the transportation industry the way we do. We provide retail agents access to top admitted and non admitted truck insurance companies. Coverage is offered in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region.We are not in the business of selling you insurance, but rather in the business of helping your trucking clients purchase insurance.

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