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Preparing for the Trucking Industry’s Road to Success

Trucking’s role in keeping goods, materials and the economy rolling during the global pandemic has been nothing short of phenomenal and will certainly play a role in re-establishing “normal” supply lines depleted by hoarding households and profiteering resellers. Hopefully, everyone in the trucking industry will soon be putting these challenging times in the rear-view mirror and some of America’s most essential workers will soon be able to finally take a break.

Unfortunately, the damage is still being assessed and the carnage it’s causing in the industry is not likely to abate soon. According to Ron Sterk, in Food Business News, for all modes, logistics has been at the center of disruption. Sterk explains that sharply reduced tonnage and redirection of shipping routes were just two of the most prominent ways transportation was disrupted while moving essential food and other items during the pandemic’s peak. Supply chain gears began to grind as lockdowns took hold in April. Ocean freight and rail shipments tumbled during the pandemic, notes Sterk, while truck tonnage initially surged and then plummeted.

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Industry News

SUI Corner: Investigating Staged Accidents

Staged accidents are a problem – one that’s on the increase. A Canal investigator recently participated in a meeting with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and defense attorneys regarding the training of the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) and Las Vegas police – both of which serve as the first line of defense.

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Transformation Through Telematics: Creating a Safety-Focused Culture

When talking safety, an extra set of eyes and ears is always a good thing. Of course, no company has the payroll to provide each driver an assistant, but telematic technology is turning into the next best thing. Using data from video event recorders and online monitoring tools not only tracks vehicle location and driver performance, but can also provide important points of dialogue between drivers and their companies.

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